Spread the Qi

11051_10205165430433710_3697531054425689643_nAs a clinic, our part of our commitment:
we will work to serve you, your families, by being there – when you need us to provide acupuncture to relieve your pain and suffering.

As our community, your part of your commitment: you will come for acupuncture, pay for your treatments and participate in supporting our clinic in many ways such as word-of-mouth.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sign-up for our mailing list….Look to the RIGHT –>
  • Having relationship issues? -> Come in as a couple and make it a date.
  • Tired of hearing your friend, coworker, neighbor complain about their sore foot, hip, low back? ->Tell them to get poked.
  • Want to really appreciate, celebrate someone in your life?
    -> Gift them a treatment punchcard, watch for our Acupuncture Seat Sales.
  • Are there organizations, small businesses you support?
    -> Regularly leave our flyers there!
  • VOLUNTEER for us! Help us, help the community!