Introducing Hayley Stobbs, R.Ac.!

Hayley Stobbs, R.Ac., CNC, is a registered acupuncturist, certified nutritional consultant, freelance writer, recipe developer, and artist. Hayley’s personal introduction to Chinese medicine and nutrition began at the age of eight years old. Health challenges at a young age gifted her with a sense of empowerment and empathy, which inspired her passion for wellness.

Hayley will be poking folks SUNDAYS 10am – 3pm, commencing July 9th!

or call 250-590-3185 to book an appointment with Hayley today!

Hayley believes that customized diet and lifestyle routines along with deep relaxation treatments can profoundly awaken one’s innate ability to heal. She gently guides each patient towards achieving health goals through attentive listening, skillful needling, and a sincere heart. Quality treatments are nurtured via ongoing continuing acupuncture education.

Hayley practices community acupuncture because it effectively meets multiple needs–socially, economically, and inclusively. When we are happy and healthy, it has a positive impact on our loved ones, communities and the environment. She’s grateful and inspired to be a part of Heart & Hands Collective and feels that being able to facilitate this fascinating holistic medicine to the community is a privilege and a dream come true.

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