About Jenny

Jenny McCartney
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Jenny McCartney is a Medical Herbalist, as well as a forager, a humble medicine maker, a community organizer and a stargazing philosophizer enthralled by the dynamism of healing in all it’s manifestations.

Jenny has made her home within Herbal Medicine out of a deep love for the plants themselves, as well as admiration for Herbalism’s traditional roots, it’s wild and weedy strength, and ability to connect us to the land.

Her Teachers include a wide variety of Medical Herbalists, such as Nadine Ijaz, Jasymn Clift, founder of the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies, Paul Bergner, founder of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, and Medicine Maker Kevin Kunzler.  Beyond her work as a Herbalist, she also has an MA in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought and has been a community organizer for 10 years.

Jenny is committed to accessible, community oriented, grassroots herbalism, and she is very pleased to be joining the Heart & Hands community.