Contractor Guidelines

This is all information that ensures that our collective maintains a welcoming, clean home for practitioners, volunteers and clients as well as ensuring that we run in a fair, open-minded and efficient manner so we can all have a positive experience working and making a living :)

Questions, concerns or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me,

Renter Schedule

House rules

Evening Pack-up


Blog Entries/Monthly Newsletter

Social Media


Illness/Absence Policies

Promotional Material


Renter Schedule

This is a Shared Space:

  • Communal spaces like the fridge, water cooler + cups, dishwashing area, bathroom, etc. should be left in the same condition as you found them. We all share the responsibility of sweeping the floor, washing cups, replacing toilet paper, etc. It is how we maintain a shared space so it is clean, functional and welcoming to everyone.
  • Cleaning supplies, garbage bags, toilet paper and Brita filters are kept under the sink. We also keep paper towel, maxi pads in the consult room or slipper cabinet.
    Please help yourself :)
  • If something has run out, please leave a message on the white board beside the stereo (in acupuncture room).


Evening Pack-up:

  • Acupunks: if you are working a PM shift check the Clinic Schedule to see if you need to pack-up for an evening session or event.
  • Contractors (includes acupunks): cups should be washed, windows closed, lights & heat off + dehumidifer on prior to leaving for the evening, thanks!


  • Everyone mutually agrees to respond on voicemails/emails within 24 hrs, which is the same courtesy we provide for our clients.
  • We keep a spiral-bound, hardcover notebook at the front desk for messages.
  • Voicemails etc. for any of the practitioners will be highlighted. We do our best to pass on the info, but it would be advisable to check the book whenever you are at the office.
  • Please keep your info on the website current (contact info, hours, services, etc.) – if clients have questions we refer them to the website or to your promotional material
  • Needing to contact another practitioner? Check our CONTACT US page.

Blog Entries/Monthly Newsletter:

  • Our newsletter regularly goes out on the 15th of the month. Submissions need to be emailed to + accompanying image no later than the 10th.
  • Newsletter/blog submissions are a good way to keep you information fresh and visible to our client-base and consist of anything pertaining to your practice (events, articles, educational, community, etc.)
  • Please have entries submitted in a Word Doc format, 12 pt Times New Roman + image (gif, jpeg)

Social Media (facebook/twitter):

  • Great for posting articles, upcoming workshops, new information, promotions, etc.
  • Facebook postings should be done ONCE A WEEK, you are each added as an admin on our facebook page. Our blog is synced to facebook + twitter.


  • New sessions/changes to schedule should be communicated to me at least 2 weeks in advance. Esp if you need the acupuncture room packed for you.
  • Keep the blackboard schedule in the lobby updated for clients to see
  • Looking to run a workshop, change your office hours, etc?
    Refer to the weekly schedule of the consult + acupuncture rooms is available at the top of this page
  • Needing to contact another practitioner? Check our CONTACT US page.

Illness/Absence Policies:

  • With adequate notice (24 hrs, up to morning of), we are happy to post signage on the front door or to notify clients who walk-in that you are ill or away. You are responsible for contacting clients.
  • Extended absence – ie. summer holidays, we will require start and end date so we can update your page on the website.

Promotional material:

  • They are what we refer clients to (in addition to the website). Please make sure your material (business cards/flyers) is restocked and current.



  • Rent/commission is generally due on the 1st of every month.
  • We provide receipts for rent via email. Please let us know if any info on the receipts needs to change (address, name, etc.)
  • There is BLACK tin box on the bookshelf in the consult room.
    Please leave commission/rent in the RE-USABLE envelopes provided, I’ve written your names on them.